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Infection prevention and control has always been a prerequisite in delivering effective care in healthcare organisations. However, the current pandemic crisis has made it even more necessary to get medical staff trained on the same to contain the situation. As we all know that the most common complication of healthcare management is healthcare associated infection. It leads to:

  • Increased patient mortality & morbidity Long term disability
  • Additional costs on health systems
  • Length of hospital stay
  • Increased expenditures with regards to hospital stay.

An effective infection prevention and control is a must to offer high quality treatment for patients and a safe working environment for medical personnel. Minimizing the risk of spread of infection to patients and staff in hospitals, with the implementation of a good infection control programme should be an important aspect for healthcare facilities. The main purpose of staff training on the HIC programme and practices are as follows:

  • Stay aware of the importance of infection control and preventive measures & instances of HAIs.
  • Understand various common infections, their modes of transmissions, & health impacts.
  • Maintain a safe medical environment for oneself and the others via usage of PPE & reporting incidents related to infection.

To know more about hospital infection control policies, watch the video below:

PRE 4 - Consent for Informed Decision Video

With iPC Health’s Hospital Infection Control course modules, hospital staff can acquire more knowledge and train themselves on important aspects such as –


iPC Health is a digital content and learning delivery solution designed for hospitals to improve healthcare outcomes by fulfilling the training, development and compliance needs of healthcare professionals. iPC Health covers a wide range of courses from quality compliance to onboarding.

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