COVID-19 Infection Control & Emergency Preparedness Programme is an online course for healthcare professionals across India, which can be easily accessed on iPC Health App and Portal. The course primarily outlines the strategic preparedness and response plan for healthcare institutions to help them deal with COVID-19 contingency.

During such crisis, it becomes imperative for the healthcare facilities to ensure that they are prepared to manage any suspected/positive COVID-19 case. The Hospital Emergency Response Plan should ensure :

Since the healthcare professionals are at the highest risk while treating the novel coronavirus, certain protocols need mandatory implementation in preventing the transmission like – performing hand and respiratory hygiene, using PPE while taking nasal and throat swabs, practicing safe disposal of needles and strictly adhering to environment infection and control measures.

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COP 2 : Emergency care Services

As the COVID-19 continues to evolve, healthcare facilities should create awareness among people and use all channels of communication including posters, videos, banners, messages, chatbots, etc. to help them adopt the subsequent precautionary measures to avoid the disease. The course also details out the responsibilities that hospitals should take in educating and training people on the necessary safety steps to avert the infection, such as providing information on screening codes in hospitals, filling up self-declaration health forms, detailing self-quarantine instructions, etc.

The COVID-19 module gives an overview of the disease, infection prevention protocols, hospital preparedness and stepwise care protocols to follow while handling the pandemic. Besides the COVID-19 module, the programme also offers courses on
HIC 6 : Infection Outbreak
HIC 2 : Implementation Protocol
COP 4 : Community Emergency Services

Explore these courses on our iPC Health App and Portal to experience quality learning.

iPC Health is an ideal choice for the hospitals and healthcare facilities to educate and empower their workforce on various control guidelines which could prevent the transmission of infections. It is essential to treat all patients in the healthcare facility with basic level of standard precautions to provide a high level of protection.Our digital learning, content & delivery solution has multiple features which can help in tracking individual or departmental training progress & receive feedback.

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