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The world is facing a crisis in the form of Coronavirus outbreak, and healthcare professionals are doing everything possible to treat patients while putting themselves at risk of infection. It is time to enlighten them with every possible update and information so that they can safeguard themselves as well as improve the overall healthcare outcome.

Free COVID-19 Preparedness Training Courses for Healthcare Professionals

Spreading knowledge about the global pandemic is the first step towards its prevention and control. With our relevant free online training material healthcare professionals will be able to keep themselves updated on their response plans, infection prevention guidelines, and establish plans for tracking the emergence and spread of COVID-19. 

COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness in terms of Infection Prevention and Control Protocols

Preparing your healthcare facility against the pandemic becomes much easier when your staff is healthy & safeguarded against infection prevention. Learn the ways of doing this from the healthcare industry experts in this free webinar course from iPC Health.

COVID-19 – Course Update 20-04-2020

This course is a go-to resource with all the latest information and guidelines to empower healthcare professionals against this global pandemic. This week’s update includes COVID-19 infection myths, pregnancy care, and insights to manage dialysis patients suffering from Coronavirus.

COVID-19 – Outbreak, Prevention & Measures for Healthcare Professionals

iPC Health’s online comprehensive COVID-19 preparedness programme focuses on the infection outbreak and prevention strategies for healthcare organizations. It also guides healthcare facilities to handle community emergencies and implement infection control measures to ensure that there is no further transmission to caregivers and patients.

COP-4 Community Emergency Services

The hospital shall have adequate preparedness and a response mechanism to handle pandemic or disasters. This module highlights the need for a disaster management plan and discusses the availability of resources to manage mass emergencies.

HIC-2  HIC Implementation Protocol

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) can be dangerous to patient safety. This module covers all the essential protocols and procedures required to minimize the risk of any infection to provide a healthy environment for patients and their families.

HIC-6 Infection Outbreak

There should be defined strategies and procedures to deal with infection outbreaks. This module outlines the steps involved in dealing with these and explains the implementation approach for handling such situations.

iPC Health Webinar Series

The iPC Health Webinar Series is a regular feature that allows hospital staff & healthcare professionals to access and gather knowledge from distinguished speakers who will speak about the various aspects of the Healthcare Industry.

Engaging Videos

Along with the information offered in these courses, iPC Health has created multiple engaging videos on various topics relevant to Hospital operations. We also have videos from CDC & WHO to help the medical professionals get thorough knowledge in these times of crisis.


COVID-19 Blog Series:

It is of utmost importance for the healthcare professionals to stay connected to the latest insights to deal with this pandemic. Read this series of blogs to stay empowered.

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