iPC Health was launched on 28th Jan, 2020 in Bengaluru, with a mission to enhance the quality of healthcare in India by spreading knowledge through technology. Amongst esteemed dignitaries & healthcare thought leaders, we took our first step to offer an end-to-end solution that will aid hospitals in streamlining their compliance training, recruitment, assessment, & onboarding cycle. We received positive feedback & catered to multiple queries from the event attendees which makes us hopeful that iPC Health will play an important role in transforming the way learning and development is approached in hospitals. 

The highlight of the event was Dr. Ashwath Narayan C.N. – Honorable Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka ( Minister for Higher & Medical Education, IT & BT, Science & Technology). who graced this occasion and shared his views on the need for upskilling and reskilling of the healthcare professionals.  

We partnered with IQVIA  to commision a research study for iPC Health that would focus on “State of the Skills in the Indian Healthcare Industry” and would highlight gaps and challenges existing in the healthcare sector. This research was conducted in 5 cities  with leading hospitals to understand key challenges faced by the healthcare professionals in India. 

This study helped us to gather some insights related to different aspects of training & skill development to help educate, emphasize, & enhance the healthcare sector in India focussing on the following:

  1. Key driving factors for hospital staff training initiatives.
  2. Assessment of current need gaps
  3. Gap analysis in nursing education
  4. Reaction & importance of an online education platform

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