iPC Health offers free online access to COVID-19 Preparedness & Prevention training for hospitals
We are passionate about improving healthcare delivery in India by spreading knowledge through technology.
Engaging content enabling online trainings, assessments and smart induction programs.

To deliver quality healthcare every hospital needs an efficient workforce. We help them bring this efficiency with our comprehensive learning, training & skill development platform.


iPC Health is a comprehensive learning, training and skill development platform for healthcare professionals. It is designed to be a mobile-first solution enabling round the clock learning. The platform offers an extensive list of modules for compliance, employee induction, continuing education and soft skills training. It is an end-to-end learning management platform that will help the hospitals in streamlining their compliance training, recruitment, assessment and onboarding cycles.


Employee Induction - Save your organization time and resources

Reduce the turn-around time for training new employees and bring them up to speed with the best practices of your organization

Your gateway to healthcare quality compliance training

Get access to 105 NABH course modules covering all 10 chapters, 105 standards and 683 objectives - with simplified interpretation for easy understanding

Boost your emergency preparedness & response

Enhance competency in critical areas and get your workforce equipped to handle various onsite emergencies - comprehensive courses on hospital emergency codes


Comprehensive Learning Management System

Helps hospitals identify issues and evaluate the performance of the healthcare staff. Address the knowledge gaps and in turn builds highly reliable teams that deliver quality patient care.

Superior Courseware

Access to high quality training material prepared by industry experts. Superior induction and healthcare quality compliance training courses.


Quality learning at your fingertips. anywhere, anytime access on PCs and mobile devices. iOS and Android apps.

Insightful Reporting

Real-time status on progress of employees’ learning at an individual or a group level. Different drill-down options with appropriate summaries to help users to decide their learning path.

User Management

Convenient workflows to add a large number of employees in one go or add employees one-at-a-time. Ability to create groups.


Each course is accompanied by quizzes prepared by industry experts. This helps administrators quickly assess the competency of employees on specific topics and keeps the employee motivation up.


Training Records

Training record auto updated on the learner’s account upon training completion. No paper files and training records. Easy access to archived records.

Engaging Content

Informative courses along with media rich content which is relatable to the learner and provide high level of engagement.


iPC Health partnered with IQVIA to conduct a study among hospital stakeholders involved in
training and skill development to understand current training infrastructure and key unmet

Need Gaps identified

  • Lack of reliable content
  • Irregular training record maintenance low
  • Inability to select the training modules as required
  • Low staff compliance due to work overload

Nurses are directly involved in almost all aspects of hospital care. The industry-academia gap
in the nursing sector is huge and most of the undergraduate trained nurses joining the
profession are not immediately employable. A majority of the respondents were interested in
using online learning platforms for hospital staff.

An online learning platform can be leveraged to educate, analyse the progress, and enhance
employee- specific career goals.

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Meet your compliance requirements
  • Comprehensive audit trail on trainings conducted that can be used for accreditations.
  • Online employee training records that can be submitted as proof of compliance during audit process.
Talent Management
  • Administer, manage, measure and improve training activities effectively.
  • Standardize and streamline training across various facilities in one centralized system.
Drive better patient and organisational outcomes
  • Build a culture focused on quality of care and patient satisfaction.
  • Well trained staff reduce chances of medical errors leading to better patient safety.
Reduce Costs
  • Virtual learning environment reduces dependence on physical classrooms, travel and instructors.
  • Easy to scale, training programmes which are available to a large number of employees thereby saving time & resources.
Learning Management System
  • Virtual learning environment reduces dependence on physical classrooms, travel and instructors.
  • Easy to scale, training programmes which are available to a large number of employees thereby saving time & resources.


Improved learning outcomes
  • Enables learners to study at their own pace.
  • Empowers healthcare staff with access to information they need from regulatory to procedural guidelines.
  • Interactive course modules maximizes learning outcome and consolidate learning.
Improves workforce efficiency
  • Helps Nursing educators teach more efficiently & effectively.
  • Ready to use training content and assessments reduces need to create content.
  • Eliminates effort in manually administering, evaluating and recording results of assessments.
Administrative Control
  • Assign courses, track your employees’ learning and test them through self-assessments.
  • Gather data for creating reports for management, audits and more.
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